FRC 2017 Recap

Great year for the team, our best finish ever at WPI district taking second on the alliance with teams 1519 and 190. Here are my programming notes for the year.

Hartford District Competition 2017

We are going to the FRC Hartford District Competition on April 1st and 2nd at the Academy of Engineering and Green Technology at Hartford Public High School, 55 Forest Street, Hartford, CT.
Details can be found at:

First Day On The Job - Safety Animation 2017

Safety Animation 2016

FRC 2016

This is our second year with the RoboRio control system and Eclipse IDE. Problems we've had this year:

  1. Could not "see" the radio. This was because it was last used and programmed for competition. Need to reset and reprogram it for practice.
  2. Could not deploy code to RoboRio. Hard reset required, then update firmware through USB interface & fixed IP address.
  3. Eclipse occasionally gives build errors. Refresh files/Rebuild index/etc.


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